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FEMS Microbiology Letters focuses largely on concise articles in all topics in microbiology, particularly those meriting urgent publication by virtue of their originality, general interest and their contribution to new developments in their field. 


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Free Editorial: A Time of Great Change

It is a time of great change and excitement within FEMS as a whole and within FEMS Microbiology Letters itself. Read Dr. Rich Boden’s 2015 Editorial online now. 

Featured articles

The manganese-responsive regulator MntR represses transcription of a predicted ZIP family metal ion transporter in Corynebacterium glutamicum
The control of cg1623 by the DtxR-type regulator MntR represents the first example of a predicted ZIP family protein that is regulated in a manganese-dependent manner in bacteria.
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HrpG and HrpV proteins from the Type III secretion system of Erwinia amylovora form a stable heterodimer
The existence of a HrpG/HrpV complex throughout the Hrp/Hrc1 T3SS family provides hints on the potentially significant role that this complex plays, as it may be involved in T3SS regulation of                        transcription in E. amylovora, just like it has been demonstrated for P. syringae.
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New scope and sections

2015 brings many exciting changes to FEMS Microbiology Letters, with new sections and an extended scope now including Virology and Professional Development

Virology expands the remit of FEMS Microbiology Letters from microbes in the Bacteria,Archaea and Eukarya to include viruses. All areas of virology are welcome providing they fit the scope and aims of the journal – from medical virology to bacteriophages, genetics to metagenomics as well as in any host organism, which includes other microbes.

Professional Development
The Section Professional Development serves to provide the microbiology community with timely articles of interest to microbiologists at various stages of their career. Topics include education and training standards, best practice in publishing and data handling, plus matters impacting microbiologists such as safety standards, funding opportunities and research metrics. The Section also features relevant articles regarding the history and sociology of microbiology.

Virtual Issues

Systems and Synthetic Biology

Synthetic biology, the development of cells or their components that do not occur naturally to solve specific problems, depends heavily on the application of genomic and systems biology data to solve specific problems for Society. 

To mark the 14th International Conference on Pseudomonas, FEMS has published a Virtual Thematic Issue across four FEMS journals.

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