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Thematic Issue: Education

Interested in inspiring and educating future microbiologists?  
Read this Thematic Issue on Education, guest edited by Beatrix Fahnert, with papers on topics such as enhancing employability, social media, and authentic learning. 
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Call for Papers

FEMS Microbiology Letters invites submissions for several upcoming thematic issues:

- Biobutanol, edited by Michael Sauer     

- Sulfur Metabolism, edited by Rich Boden

- Ecology of Soil Microorganisms, edited by Petr Baldrian


Read more about these issues, submit your manuscript, and read related papers here.   

European Antibiotic Awareness Day

Mark European Antibiotic Awareness Day with a collection of papers from all five FEMS Journals, the Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy, and Oxford University Press' books. Articles are freely available until 18 February 2016.

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Featured Articles

Several bacterial cAMP phosphodiesterases have cAMP-independent roles in vivo including non-catalytic functions and hydrolysis of alternate substrates. More ►

Molecular armory or niche factors: virulence determinants of Corynebacterium species 
Review of data supporting the concept of niche factors in the genus CorynebacteriumMore ►


What is a microbiologist? A survey exploring the microbiology workforce
This paper describes an international study investigating the educational background and scientific identity of scientists for whom microbiology is a part of their profession. More ►

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Further Scope

FEMS Microbiology Letters publishes papers on all aspects of microbiology under a number of different sections, including Physiology and Biochemistry, Food Microbiology, and Environmental Microbiology. At the begining of 2015, we added sections that focus on Virology and Professional Development

Virology expands the remit of FEMS Microbiology Letters from microbes in the BacteriaArchaea and Eukarya to include viruses. All areas of virology are welcome providing they fit the scope and aims of the journal – from medical virology to bacteriophages, genetics to metagenomics as well as in any host organism, which includes other microbes.
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Professional Development
The Section Professional Development serves to provide the microbiology community with timely articles of interest to microbiologists at various stages of their career. Topics include education and training standards, best practice in publishing and data handling, plus matters impacting microbiologists such as safety standards, funding opportunities and research metrics. The Section also features relevant articles regarding the history and sociology of microbiology.
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Virtual Issues

Ecology of Soil Microorganisms
Joint Virtual Issue between FEMS Microbiology Letters and FEMS Microbiology Ecology.

20 years of Genome Sequencing
To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the publication of the first microbial genome, FEMS has published a special virtual issue containing shortomics papers and genome announcements.

To mark the 14th International Conference on Pseudomonas, FEMS has published a Virtual Thematic Issue across four FEMS journals.

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