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Localization of carbonic anhydrase in the cyanobacterium Chlorogloeopsis fritschii

T. Lanaras, A.M. Hawthornthwaite, G.A. Codd
DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1111/j.1574-6968.1985.tb01612.x 285-288 First published online: 1 March 1985


90% of the carbonic anhydrase (CA) activity recovered from Chlorogloeopsis fritschii cells, when broken under conditions which favour the isolation of carboxysomes, is particulate. Subsequent sucrose density gradient centrifugation of the carboxysome-containing pellet produced a sharp band of CA, well separated from the carboxysomes and thylakoids. The implications of these findings for the possible functions of carboxysomes and location of CA are discussed

  • Carbonic anhydrase
  • Chlorogloeopsis fritschii
  • carboxysomes
  • cyanobacteria

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